General Information about Solvedio 

What is Solvedio? 

Solvedio is a product that provides comprehensive and robust solutions for digitalizing businesses of all sizes. It enables digital transformation for small and medium-sized companies without IT experience and increases the performance and flexibility of large enterprises and corporations. Solvedio brings digital solutions with significant added business value. The main advantage is its high adaptability to users' needs in various segments and industries.

How do I start using Solvedio? 

Getting started with Solvedio is easy. You can opt for one of the predefined solutions or choose a personalized solution and consult with our sales team to fine-tune the requirements and approach for your custom solution. Then, you can order your chosen solution, and we'll take care of the next steps.

Who are the primary users of Solvedio?

The primary users of Solvedio are businesses seeking digital transformation and optimization of their processes

Who are the clients of Solvedio? 

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Can Solvedio be tried in a demo environment?

Yes, you can try Solvedio in a demo environment. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact us, and our Solvedio team experts will demonstrate the main features and capabilities of the platform and help you better understand how Solvedio could serve your needs.

Do I need IT resources to run Solvedio?

No, you do not need to have IT resources to run Solvedio. Solvedio is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. You don't have to worry about the performance of your hardware infrastructure or local storage. Solvedio is designed with ease of integration and use in mind, without the need for extensive technical resources or complex setup on your part.

How does the delivery process of a Solvedio solution differ from a standard bespoke delivery?

The delivery process of Solvedio is driven by the client's needs, unlike standard custom delivery. This approach is reflected in the solution design, encompassing team activities and problems without extensive unnecessary analyses and processes. A critical aspect is to capture important tasks and issues to eliminate unproductive tasks swiftly. The process includes an intuitive visual StoryMap that clearly illustrates work-related activities, roles, and requirements. The primary focus is to align and understand the expected solution, ensuring it matches the client's needs.

  Custom Software Development Solvedio
Customization Individual customization based on requirements Tailor-made with an emphasis on the client's needs
Target Group Diverse, individual requirements Suitable for teams wanting a fast, cost-effective, and flexible solution
Development Speed Depends on the project's complexity A tailored solution is available quickly and efficiently
Integration Options Requires high cost and complex setup Flexible integration options, including unusual requirements
Maintenance Requires maintenance or need for external experts Maintenance and support with an emphasis on convenience for clients
Initial Costs Significant initial investment Reasonable upfront costs and fast evaluation
Long-term Value Individually tailored but high maintenance costs A universal and consistently innovative product

How does the Solvedio solution come to life?

Creating a tailored Solvedio solution involves a swift and guided process that includes rapidly identifying critical activities and issues, an intuitive visual overview, and aligning expectations with the customer's needs. Solvedio solutions are configured without programming and are immediately available as SaaS, ensuring rapid deployment and flexibility to meet specific client needs.

Does using Solvedio require specific technical skills or programming knowledge?

Solvedio is accessible without the need for programming or specific technical skills. You receive a ready-made digital solution designed precisely to your requirements so that it is as intuitive and easy to use for standard users as any other application you are used to.

What features does Solvedio offer? 

Solvedio offers a wide range of features, including process digitalization, integration with external tools, data visualization, task automation, and customization to meet specific business needs.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Optimized mobile display
  • Notifications
  • Role profile control/management/visibility/rules
  • Preview attachments directly in the browser (images, videos, PDF)
  • Image editing
  • Drilldown charts (pie, column, bar, and point charts with detailed analysis)
  • Graph functions (minimum, maximum, average, sum, count)
  • Scorecard
  •  Export to Excel
  • Filter
  • Set view settings to public or private
  • View History
  • Newsfeeds
  • Comments

Does Solvedio also work on mobile and tablet devices?

Yes, Solvedio works on mobile and tablet devices. Our design makes Solvedio accessible and functional on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. It allows users to access and use all Solvedio features conveniently, even when on the go or out of the office, increasing the flexibility and convenience of using Solvedio's solutions.

Is Solvedio integrated with the Microsoft environment?

Yes, Solvedio is compatible with Microsoft Teams. Solvedio can be easily installed into Microsoft Teams, making it an efficient and accessible tool directly within the platform.


What industries can benefit from utilizing Solvedio?

Solvedio solutions are versatile and can benefit many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, and more. Solvedio's adaptability suits any sector looking to expand its digital capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and drive digital transformation.

What specific business processes can Solvedio digitalize?

Many business processes can be digitalized, such as quality management, audits, production troubleshooting, human resource management, project management, and more. Solvedio's flexibility allows the solution to meet the unique digitalization needs of different business processes.

Can Solvedio be tailored to specific use cases?  

Yes, Solvedio can be configured to cover any user activity. The Solvedio team has optimized processes from analysis to delivery. The analysis uses story mapping, focusing on clarity and maximizing user benefit. 

How does Solvedio design solutions in line with business objectives?

The Solvedio team uses story-mapping techniques to design solutions. This method effectively maps and organizes requirements and features into user-centric stories, creating highly intuitive, meaningful, and effective solutions that align requirements with customer needs. Story-mapping ensures that the final solution aligns with user needs and business goals.

How does Solvedio identify and address clients‘ needs?  

The Solvedio team identifies and addresses client needs through direct and targeted communication, focusing on the teams' critical work activities and issues. First, we identify activities and then visualize work activities as a story map, allowing the client and the Solvedio team to achieve a unified view and shared understanding of the proposed solution. Based on the client feedback, the Solvedio team finalizes a solution design that precisely matches the client's specific needs and objectives

Does Solvedio also offer ready-made solutions tailored to specific industries or needs?

Yes, Solvedio offers ready-made solutions tailored to different industries and specific needs. These solutions allow for even faster implementation and are designed to meet standard requirements and challenges in specific industries.

Are there any industry-specific use cases?

Yes, there are Solvedio use cases specific to different industries. These use cases include scenarios such as Problem-Solving, Health & Safety Auditing, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Preventative Maintenance, Internal Skills Sharing, Overtime Management, and others tailored to different industries' specific challenges and needs.

How does Solvedio help increase efficiency and productivity? 

Solvedio improves efficiency and productivity by automating routine tasks, integrating various tools, and providing clear analytical insights that enable better decision-making and process optimization. 

Can the application be tested? 

Yes. Feel free to contact our Solvedio Team anytime to access a demo. 


How does Solvedio determine the pricing of its services?

The Solvedio team services are priced based on the specific needs and requirements of the client, considering the scope and complexity of the required solution, including a one-time payment for creating the solution and the cost of Solvedio licenses for individual users. Pricing is tailored to the individual specifics of each project to meet the client's exact requirements and budget. For a specific quote, you can contact us.

How much does a Solvedio license cost per user?

The price of a Solvedio license per user varies depending on the number. Therefore, requesting a specific quote that considers individual requirements and project specifics is essential. For a more precise idea, you can contact us.

Do I need to purchase a license for each user? 

Usually, yes, but for large applications, we also provide a Concurrent user model and Enterprise agreement terms to optimize the cost per use as much as possible. 

What is the billing period for licenses?

Licenses are invoiced monthly. We can also extend payments to a quarterly or annual billing period if required.

How much will I pay if I purchase a license in the middle of the month? 

Only an aliquot portion of the month will be billed. 

Can the number of licenses be reduced? 


If I have external users accessing Solvedio, do I also pay for their licenses? 

Yes, each user who uses Solvedio is licensed. 

How can I request a specific quote for a solution? 

You can contact the sales team for a specific Solvedio solution quote. 

What do I receive if I order the Quick and Perfect package? 

By ordering the Quick and Perfect package from Solvedio, you get the services of a team that will create a solution specifically for you. This package includes efficient issue entry and management, issue review and filtering, and management of private and public view settings, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution of your needs. 

What do I receive if I order the Complex Digital package? 

By choosing Solvedio's Complex Digital package, you receive a more comprehensive solution that includes everything offered by the Quick and Perfect package, plus the ability to define up to two different roles. This package is ideal for projects requiring a more detailed differentiation of roles and responsibilities within the team, increasing efficiency and organization in issue management. 

What do I receive if I order the Sophisticated package? 

When you order Solvedio's Sophisticated package, you get the most comprehensive solution that, in addition to the services offered in the Quick and Perfect and Complex Digital packages, provides up to five different roles, access to dashboards and charts, and the ability to export to PDF and docx formats. This package is ideal for larger projects requiring deeper data analysis, advanced information management, and presentation. 

What do I receive if I order the Personal package? 

The Solvedio team will create a solution specifically for you in any scope

Is the price in the packages final? 

The price is approximate. The final price will be adjusted based on your requirements

Technical Details

Is Solvedio available as SaaS?

Yes, Solvedio is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It is cloud-based and accessible online, allowing users to access Solvedio services and solutions from any device with an internet connection without installing the software locally on their devices. The SaaS model provides flexibility, convenience, and ease of use of the software solutions offered by Solvedio.

How cloud-ready is Solvedio, and what are its cloud options (public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises)? 

Solvedio is a cloud-agnostic solution optimized for cloud environments and supports different cloud configurations, including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.  

What infrastructure does Solvedio run on?

Solvedio is flexible and can run on various infrastructures, including cloud platforms such as Azure Cloud, AWS, GCP, and others, and on a customer's on-premises infrastructure. Thanks to its innovative architecture, Solvedio is designed to to suit the infrastructure needs of any organization. 

What is the architecture of the Solvedio platform? 

Solvedio's key architectural features include microservices and a DevSecOps approach, ensuring high modularity, scalability, and security. This architecture provides that Solvedio is agile and well-prepared for rapid technology changes and future innovations.  

Can Solvedio integrate into our verification system? 

Yes, Solvedio can use any identity provider. It is possible to create a custom realm for each customer where they can specify their preferred providers, or they can integrate them into your internal ones. 

Can Solvedio be integrated with other tools and services, and which ones? 

Yes, Solvedio has built an integration layer available for clients to connect to any of their applications. Solvedio can integrate with many existing tools, including SAP, SQL, and JIRA - (ERP, MES, SCM, QMS, HRMS, and others). This integration allows efficient linking and data synchronization between Solvedio and other enterprise systems. 

Can I still keep the integration layer if I decide to use Solvedio as SAAS? 

Yes, even if you use Solvedio as SaaS (Software as a Service), you can have the integration layer on your premises. Solvedio provides broad integration capabilities, which means it can be easily integrated with existing software solutions in your organization, such as SAP, Office 365, SharePoint, and more. This approach allows for flexibility in implementing requirements, emphasizing your convenience. Although Solvedio is a cloud-based platform, it provides enough flexibility to incorporate custom integration layers or tailor the solution to your business needs. 

Is my data shared? 

Your data on the Solvedio platform is not shared with third parties without your consent. Each customer's data is stored and processed separately. Solvedio places a high value on data protection and privacy, including ensuring that data is processed and stored according to relevant security standards. The platform uses the latest security protocols and practices, including encryption and adherence to standards such as GDPR, to protect personal data and corporate information.  

Are there backups? How can data be restored from a backup?  

Yes, all data is automatically backed up. You can contact the support team to restore the data. 

Is it possible to perform my penetration tests?  

Yes, you can run your penetration tests. 

Does running Solvedio require installing any software on my device?  

Running Solvedio does not require any software to be installed on your device. As a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, Solvedio is accessible through a web browser, which means you can access and use the services from any device with an internet connection. This approach eliminates the need to install specific software on individual devices and makes it easy and convenient to access the Solvedio platform from a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones

Does the user need admin rights to run Solvedio?  

Solvedio users typically do not need admin rights on their devices to run the platform. As Solvedio is a cloud-based SaaS platform, it can be accessed through a web browser, which means that internet access and a compatible web browser are sufficient to use the platform. This access allows users to access Solvedio's services without the need to install software or require special permissions on their devices

What operating systems does Solvedio support? 

Solvedio is accessed through a web browser and is therefore supported on all operating systems with standard web browsers

What browsers does Solvedio support?  

Solvedio supports standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

Can only internal users access Solvedio, or can external users also access it?  

Both internal and external can access Solvedio, allowing the customer to involve external partners outside their organization directly in digital collaboration. 

What are the security measures? 

The Solvedio team uses robust security measures and procedures to protect data and systems. Solvedio uses advanced encryption technologies and regular security updates. It undergoes frequent independent penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure digital environment for all users. 

How are regular security penetration tests and testing performed? 

Regular security audits and testing are an integral part of the process and are carried out by independent experts to ensure an objective assessment. Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and other rigorous testing methods are routinely performed to strengthen the security posture of the platform. 

Advantages and Differences over the Competition 

What makes Solvedio different and better than its competitors? Why should I choose Solvedio? 

Solvedio stands out from the competition with a unique combination of user-centric design, rapid deployment options, and customizable solutions that meet specific business needs. Unlike many competitors, Solvedio provides a comprehensive digital technology user adoption solution that is intuitive, flexible, and scalable, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can effectively navigate digital transformation. With its focus on rapid ROI and ease of use, Solvedio stands out as a premium choice for enterprises seeking a reliable and efficient digital adoption platform. 

Why is Solvedio a better choice than No-code platforms? 

Solvedio offers a more comprehensive and tailored solution compared to typical No-code platforms. Although No-code platforms are known for their ease of use, they often need more depth and flexibility for complex business processes. Solvedio bridges this gap by providing the simplicity of a No-code approach and the sophistication required for complex business requirements, making Solvedio the ideal choice for enterprises seeking an easy-to-use platform without compromising functionality. 

  No-code Solvedio
Target group Business users Business users
Code requirements None None
Customization Low Unlimited
Complexity Low Customizable, both complex and simple solutions
Development speed Very fast Very fast (in weeks)
Integration options Low Extensive integration options with other systems

Why is Solvedio a better choice than Low-code platforms?

Solvedio provides a more intuitive and user-friendly environment compared to Low-code platforms. Although Low-code platforms offer high customizability, they still require specific technical expertise. Solvedio, on the other hand, is designed to accommodate users with minimal technical skills, offering a more accessible platform for digital transformation. This accessibility, combined with powerful customization options, makes Solvedio the preferred choice for enterprises seeking a balance between ease of use and functional depth.

  Low-code Solvedio
Target group Professional developers Business users
Code requirements Minimal None
Customization High Unlimited
Complexity High Customizable, both complex and simple solutions
Development speed Fast Very fast (in weeks)
Integration options High Extensive integration options with other systems

Why is Solvedio a better choice than PowerApps? 

Compared to PowerApps, Solvedio offers a more comprehensive and customizable solution for digital transformation. While PowerApps is a powerful tool within the Microsoft ecosystem, Solvedio provides a broader range of features and integration options, making it suitable for a wider range of business needs and environments. Solvedio's focus on user experience and ability to adapt to different business processes gives it an advantage over PowerApps, especially for enterprises seeking a comprehensive and customizable digital transformation solution. 


  PowerApps Solvedio
Customization High customization, limited in some cases. Unlimited customization and high flexibility.
Integration options Integration options available but less flexible. Extensive options for different needs and integration possibilities.
Focus on UX Focus on the Microsoft ecosystem with consistency. Strong focus on user experience.
Benefits for businesses Ideal for organizations preferring the Microsoft ecosystem. Preferred for complex digital transformation solutions, broad coverage of diverse business needs.
Complexity Medium to high complexity. As-needed - complex and simple solutions with an emphasis on efficiency.
Development speed Rapid development process, sometimes constrained by standardized procedures. Very fast development process and rapid implementation of updates and changes.

Collaboration with Clients 

What is the collaboration process with clients during solution development?

Collaboration with clients during solution development is highly interactive and client-centric. It includes regular communication, joint planning sessions, and iterative feedback loops. Clients are involved at every stage, from initial analysis to final implementation, ensuring that the solution perfectly matches their specific needs and goals, and that the final product is precisely tailored to the client's requirements and expectations.

What are the opportunities for involving the client in the design and development process? 

Clients have several options for involvement in the design and development process of Solvedio solutions. They can participate in initial requirements gatherings, provide feedback during prototype reviews, and get involved in the testing phases. In addition, clients can contribute ideas and insights throughout the development process, ensuring that the solution aligns with their vision and business goals. 

Other Questions

How can I find answers to specific questions about the solution?

To get answers to specific questions about Solvedio solutions, clients can contact the support team via the email contact form on the TBD website. In addition, clients can schedule a consultation or demonstration session to get a more in-depth discussion and individual answers to their questions.

What are the human resource and collaboration requirements for implementing a solution? 

Implementing a solution over Solvedio requires minimal human resources and collaboration efforts on the client's part. The Solvedio team guides clients through the implementation process and requires only the necessary participation in requirements gathering, feedback, and approval. The need for technical expertise on the client's part is significantly reduced as the user-friendly design of the Solvedio solution simplifies the adoption process. 

How can I contact someone? I would like to call. 

Customers can leave a message via the contact form.

How does customer support work at Solvedio after I purchase a product? 

After you purchase a Solvedio product, we provide comprehensive customer support, including regular updates, technical assistance, and customized consulting services. Our experts are available for any questions or issues related to the use of our solutions. 

How do Solvedio solutions adapt to the growing needs of my business? 

Our solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing you to adapt to your business's growing and changing needs. We can cope with various business challenges and growth with expansion and customization options. 

How does Solvedio ensure safety and compliance with industry standards? 

Solvedio approaches data security with the highest priority while adhering to strict industry standards and regulations. Our solutions are designed with data protection, GDPR compliance, and other regulatory requirements in mind