Solvedio's Security
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Rapid deployment

Seamless Integration, High Security, AI-Driven Innovation

Enterprise Class Features:

✔️ Cloud readiness & cloud agnostic (public, private or hybrid cloud, on-premises)
✔️ Best in breed future proof architecture
✔️ Microservices solution architecture
✔️ Multi-tenant deployment
✔️ The world-class standard of encryption
✔️ SSO integration
✔️ OWASP standards
✔️ DevSecOps based lifecycle, IaaC
✔️ Guaranteed SLA and 24/7 support
✔️ SaaS, On-Premises, cloud infrastructure

Independently verified security

Independently Verified Security

We maintain the highest security standards through regular independent penetration testing, end-to-end encryption, and separate processing, saving and accessing of customer data.

  • Regular penetration testing: A proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities for a highly secure digital environment 
  • Authentication through standard providers: Trusted interactions with authentication providers, such as SSO, for your operational integrity
  • End-to-end encryption: Your data stays secure, with encryption standards forming a solid barrier against unauthorized access 
  • Segregated customer data: Separate data processing prioritizing confidentiality and integrity, tailored to your business standards 

Connectivity of Your Systems

Solvedio offers a wide range of integration options and can be linked to your existing systems to ensure seamless data flow and connectivity in your work environment.

  • Connect your internal systems: Harmonize data flow and operational consistency through seamless connectivity with core operating systems such as SAP, MES, and ERP
  • Multi-deployment flexibility: Adapt to your preferred deployment model and ensure seamless integration, whether in public, private, or hybrid cloud, on-premise, or SaaS
  • Custom integration: Tailored integration with any other tool that aligns with your operating environment
  • Authentication providers integration: Securely integrate with authentication providers for trusted interactions, enhancing operational integrity
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Supporting Your Continued Success 

Whether it's standard or custom support and SLA management, we're here to ensure your operations continue to thrive with Solvedio.

  • Full-fledged Support Availability: With Solvedio, you immediately gain access to standard support services, meeting all your needs swiftly and efficiently
  • Customizable SLA Support: Customized support models that adapt to your operational tempo ensure a seamless trajectory of digital adoption at your company
  • Post-Implementation Support: We provide standard ongoing post-implementation support to meet your operational needs
  • Hypercare: To navigate more complex agendas, we offer hyper support, ensuring continuous optimization and smooth progression of your digital adoption journey

Intelligent Integration of AI into Your Solutions

At Solvedio, we promote the safe use of AI's potential for even greater efficiency, continuously integrating meaningful AI elements into our solutions to meet the needs of both the customer and internal teams. 

  • Customer-centric Solvedio Copilot: An integrated AI companion designing solutions that align with your goals and foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement
  • Ready for the future with Solvedio: You can rest assured that you won't be left behind in AI, but you'll get a solution prepared to align technology development with your business 
  • AI-enhanced operations: Use AI to minimize routine activities, solve challenges, and increase efficiency intelligently

What is Solvedio?

Solvedio is a product that provides comprehensive and robust solutions for digitalizing businesses of all sizes. It enables digital transformation for small and medium-sized companies without IT experience and increases the performance and flexibility of large enterprises and corporations. Solvedio brings digital solutions with significant added business value. The main advantage is its high adaptability to users' needs in various segments and industries. 

What specific business processes can Solvedio digitalize? 

Many business processes can be digitalized, such as quality management, audits, production troubleshooting, human resource management, project management, and more. Solvedio's flexibility allows the solution to meet the unique digitalization needs of different business processes. 

What is the architecture of the Solvedio platform? 

Solvedio's key architectural features include microservices and a DevSecOps approach, ensuring high modularity, scalability, and security. This architecture provides that Solvedio is agile and well-prepared for rapid technology changes and future innovations.  

How does Solvedio determine the pricing of its services? 

The Solvedio team services are priced based on the specific needs and requirements of the client, considering the scope and complexity of the required solution, including a one-time payment for creating the solution and the cost of Solvedio licenses for individual users. Pricing is tailored to the individual specifics of each project to meet the client's exact requirements and budget. For a specific quote, you can contact us at URL. 

What is the collaboration process with clients during solution development? 

Collaboration with clients during solution development is highly interactive and client-centric. It includes regular communication, joint planning sessions, and iterative feedback loops. Clients are involved at every stage, from initial analysis to final implementation, ensuring that the solution perfectly matches their specific needs and goals, and that the final product is precisely tailored to the client's requirements and expectations. 

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