Shaping an Effective Workplace with Solvedio's Approach 

Solvedio's vision is to transform your company's work environment into a place where every employee has a clear and distinct area of expertise, all tasks are optimized to achieve the highest value for the organization, and users have customized tools, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently.

Distinguish between the essential
and unimportant activities with
our guidance. We provide
solutions based on actual needs rather
than wants. 

Our solution lets you take full advantage of the story mapping method to help turn your work process into engaging and effective stories. We aspire to bring change to your business that will significantly impact your performance and employee satisfaction.

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Understanding Story Mapping at Solvedio

Story Mapping is more than just a tool; it's a window into the user journey, offering a comprehensive visual story of how features and tasks are used in real-world scenarios.

This method provides a deeper understanding of how customers envision and interact with our product.


Through understanding of the specific needs of your team.

We get to the heart of gathering the requirements by focusing on activities that add significant value. A key aspect of our methodology is answering the "why" behind each activity.

The story of a typical working day without inefficiencies.

The story map outlines the primary responsibilities and tasks of each role, stating a clear rationale and defined acceptance criteria that signify task completion. In the pursuit of efficiency, we identify and remove all unnecessary elements and focus on what is truly important. 

Creating practical and effective solutions.

Our solution design process ensures that every element of the final solution aligns with your business goals. We transform your needs into practical and effective solutions, driving growth and increasing productivity in your workplace.

Benefits of Story Mapping

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Provides a visually clear overview of the proposed solution and ensures its shared understanding.

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Supports a collaborative approach, allowing seamless communication between you and our team throughout the entire process.

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Helps focus on critical tasks that deliver the highest value and ensures efficient use of resources.

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Ensures the developed solution perfectly meets your business goals and needs and delivers desired results.